2018 Program Statistics

4 teams in Eagle and Summit Counties with 10 coaches providing mentorship and teaching MTB and life skills.

118 participants served through the year round Girls Mountain Bike Program in 2018. 40 of those girls participated on our Summit County Teams and 78 on our Eagle County Teams. Girls participated in 2,826 contact days and 8,095 contact hours.

75% of participants identify as Hispanic or Latina and 70% of participants identify as lower income.

Participants provided 1,600 hours of community service and volunteer work in their communities.

55 dedicated and amazing volunteers donated approximately 630 hours of their time coaching, riding with girls, working events and assisting with office tasks.

Cycle Effect girls participated in 19 different mountain bike races in 2018, racing a total of 325 times.

18 Cycle Effect participants competed in the Colorado High School MTB League.

16 of Cycle Effect participants competed in the NICA MTB High School State Championships in Durango with girls finishing 2nd place in the Sophomore race and 10th place in the Freshman race.

Evaluation Results & Highlights

93% of participants responded that “mountain biking with The Cycle Effect has increased my belief in myself.”

85% of Cycle Effect participants say participating in the program helps them to manage their stress.

90% of participants responded that they keep trying even when things are difficult.

When asked, “I have a coach/teacher who encourages and supports my development,” participants scored 39% higher over national and local results on the Gallup Student Poll.

100% of The Cycle Effect program graduates have successfully completed high school and gone on to college, 75% being first generation in their family to attend.

8.5 hours – average hours of physical activity participants report getting outside of practice.

Program quality is rated 4.8 out of 5 by participant parents.

When asked how valuable the program is for their daughter, parents responded 4.8 out of 5.