The Cycle Effect’s mission is empowering young women through mountain biking to create brighter futures and build stronger communities. 

The Cycle Effect is a 501(c)3 public charity.

Click here for a great article in Vail Beaver Creek Magazine that shows what we do.

The Cycle Effect focuses on three primary goal areas: physical wellness; community impact and mentorship; and building brighter futures. By providing an opportunity for at-risk girls to be engaged in regular, healthy programs that help build their self-esteem and promotes overall wellness, girls are more likely to be healthier, stay engaged in school and set goals that will support their future. TCE seeks to achieve the following goals and objectives:

Physical Wellness

  • Provide a positive, safe outlet during after-school and summer hours throughout the year for young women to engage in physical fitness and learn about healthy nutrition.  
  • Teach life skills such as goal setting, overcoming obstacles, time management, stress management, healthy decision making, and fitness and nutrition, that will transfer to their everyday lives outside of TCE.

Community Impact and Mentorship

  • Provide opportunities to engage directly with the local community to understand importance and value of positively impacting the community and natural environment.
  • Develop leadership skills in participants to foster mentoring of younger/newer team members and becoming positive role models on the team and in the community.

Building Brighter Futures

  • Instill a higher level of self-confidence, perseverance/grit and determination, and a sense of belonging by participating in a team and building relationships with individual coach mentors and teammates.
  • Provide avenues to support their future and help them stay engaged in school and related activities through mentoring, life skills lessons, and college readiness.

Our History

In November of 2010, Donelson Coaching set out to create an opportunity for local young women with the idea that committed and driven kids should be able to participate in a sport we are so passionate about, no matter what their background.  They rode bikes while building self-esteem, improving their fitness, and learning about nutritional opportunities. They received mountain bikes and equipment, were trained by professional coaches, and competed in race events throughout Eagle County.  Mountain biking provided the means for these girls to escape the stresses of high-school life and teach lifelong skills.

No member had ever taken part in competitive mountain biking; however, each girl became passionate about this incredible opportunity.  Together, they create an amazing team dynamic despite different backgrounds and challenges.  As a group, these girls strive to overcome all obstacles to become one of the Vail Valley’s premier mountain biking teams.