Most people would agree that it is much easier to spectate than participate… Right?

Racing is a part of The Cycle Effect program and “toe-ing the line” can be exciting and terrifying for some.  The Edwards and Eagle teams have now had the chance to participate in two Short Track races and three Vail Recreation District Mountain Bike races.

And wow, what a learning experience that has been! The girls were both brave and resilient in navigating the bike courses, most of which they have never ridden on.  The improvement in bike handling skills and positive mental preparation was incredible.

Now, I have to mention the fact that our pre-race warm-up rounds out with a fun dance move called “Flossing”. (The coaches are still working on refining this dance move) We figured what better way to calm the nerves by giggling and dancing, before heading to the start line. Here is a video of our girls flossing at 55 seconds in. Enjoy!

How do you warmup? #mtb #floss #rideyourbike #moregirlsonbikes

Posted by The Cycle Effect on Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Our mental preparation is focusing on “what we want to do” and chasing away the negative chatter. We have been focusing on positive self-talk in our bike training sessions, to both our team members and ourselves. It has been infectious! We say “Look where you want to go!” and it’s true both on the trail and in your head. You will always move towards what you are focused on.

It is incredible to see and hear the girls complimenting each other when they master new skills. This wouldn’t be possible without the incredible encouragement and role modeling from coaches and volunteers. I have heard numerous times from our coaches that this is “the best part of the day”. I would have to agree (Insert “flossing” dance move). 

Someone once said to me “If it’s not fun, then why are you doing it?”.  Again, I have to agree. So excuse me while I sign off and go for a bike ride and tell myself “I’ve got this”.

– Tam Donelson