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How Cycle Effect Changed My Life – by Coach Jill

By |July 12th, 2019|

Yes, the title of this post is “How the Cycle Effect Changed My Life”. I know, you are probably thinking “Jill, that seems like a bit of an exaggeration”. But it’s not and I’ll prove it.

It’s been six weeks since I agreed to write this blog post. I’ve been grappling with how honest I should be and whether this is the right forum. May happens to be Mental Health Awareness month and as an educator and advocate for kids, I feel it is my duty to do my part in destigmatizing mental […]

The Wheels are Rolling – by Coach Tam

By |May 2nd, 2019|

The Cycle Effect Teams started strength training in January. I am the one responsible for our girls’ sore legs & inability to lift their arms for the first few weeks of the year! Citlali rolled her eyes when I asked her to give a chin up a go… but when she did, she squealed with shock and gushed with a little embarrassment that she wrote herself off so quickly!

As our strength training sessions stocked up, so did the number of push-ups and squats each girl could perform. I love watching them being […]

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