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The Wheels are Rolling – by Coach Tam

By |May 2nd, 2019|

The Cycle Effect Teams started strength training in January. I am the one responsible for our girls’ sore legs & inability to lift their arms for the first few weeks of the year! Citlali rolled her eyes when I asked her to give a chin up a go… but when she did, she squealed with shock and gushed with a little embarrassment that she wrote herself off so quickly!

As our strength training sessions stocked up, so did the number of push-ups and squats each girl could perform. I love watching them being […]

2019 Moab Leadership Trip Recap

By |March 5th, 2019|

As a new coach with The Cycle Effect, I approached the Moab Leadership Trip with as much excitement and apprehension as a high-schooler attending their first sleepaway camp. Only knowing a few coaches, the familiar insecurity of not fitting in snuck it’s way into my mind. I easily pushed these fears aside, remembering the point of the trip: exploring the vast beauty of Moab on mountain bikes!

One might assume that bringing a group of athletes on a bike trip without guarantee of biking would be a recipe for disaster. I was certainly curious of what conditions we would find, knowing […]

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