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Bravery in Mountain Biking

By |August 21st, 2018|

How to be Brave – Written by Coach Meghan Twohig

Let’s be honest: even if you are an experienced rider, there’s nothing mellow about mountain biking. Especially in the mountains.

Most rides typically involve some type of climbing that will push your muscles and your lung capacity. Downhills (even the relatively easier ones) demand your full attention and offer up real consequences for any lapses. Every ride tests you in different ways and you have to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for these challenges.


For a new rider, it is scary, foreign […]

A Coach’s Perspective: Ready, Set, Race…

By |June 21st, 2018|

Most people would agree that it is much easier to spectate than participate… Right?

Racing is a part of The Cycle Effect program and “toe-ing the line” can be exciting and terrifying for some.  The Edwards and Eagle teams have now had the chance to participate in two Short Track races and three Vail Recreation District Mountain Bike races.

And wow, what a learning experience that has been! The girls were both brave and resilient in navigating the bike courses, most of which they have never ridden on.  The improvement in bike handling skills and positive […]

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