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2019 Moab Leadership Trip Recap

As a new coach with The Cycle Effect, I approached the Moab Leadership Trip with as much excitement and apprehension as a high-schooler attending their first sleepaway camp. Only knowing a few coaches, the familiar insecurity of not fitting in snuck it’s way into my mind. I easily pushed these fears aside, remembering the point of the trip: exploring the vast beauty of Moab on mountain bikes!

One might assume that bringing a group of athletes on a bike trip without guarantee of biking would be a recipe for disaster. I was certainly curious of what conditions we would find, knowing […]

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Exploring Moab

Last week, we took 9 returning Cycle Effect riders to Moab, Utah for a leadership retreat.  The trip was led by our friend Amy at Ute Springs. If you haven’t heard of them, Ute Springs Experiential Learning Center’s mission is:  to support communities in the cultivation of social-emotional learning though adventure-based experiences.  Sounds rad, right!?  Ute Springs was the perfect match for our goal to build self awareness with the girls and their leadership role amongst the team.  We wanted to help them define their values and make lasting relationships between […]

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