The Wheels are Rolling – by Coach Tam

The Cycle Effect Teams started strength training in January. I am the one responsible for our girls’ sore legs & inability to lift their arms for the first few weeks of the year! Citlali rolled her eyes when I asked her to give a chin up a go… but when she did, she squealed with shock and gushed with a little embarrassment that she wrote herself off so quickly!

As our strength training sessions stocked up, so did the number of push-ups and squats each girl could perform. I love watching them being […]

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Stability. Family. Purpose.

“The Cycle Effect creates stability for me and in my life.” – Elsa, Program

These are just a few words Elsa uses to describe the benefits of The Cycle Effect program. Like many teenage girls it can be challenging to navigate the pressures and drama of school, friends and home. Elsa has always craved healthy relationships, stability and an escape from the drama, which is what she unexpectedly found through The Cycle Effect Girls Mountain Bike Program. She had never been mountain biking before and joined simply to get […]

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