We are so excited to share this news with you all: we’re building a pump track in EagleVail!

The Community of EagleVail as part of its Park Master Plan and mission execution has joined up with The Cycle Effect to build a pump track in Pavillion Park. This has been a dream of ours for a long time, and we’re really excited EagleVail has jumped on board you could look here.

Pump Track

Example Pump Track – Philadelphia Pump Track

As we get ready to break ground we are looking towards the community for support. The funding for this project is not complete, so we’d love your help. Contributions between $50-$200 from friends, family and neighbors will allow us to complete this project before the summer is over. Will you contribute?

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This pump track will be built on a 55×86 foot section of Pavilion Park by our friends at Gore Range Landscaping, and construction managed by EagleVail’s parks and maintenance staff. This easy-to-access pump track is a fantastic way for our girls to contribute community service easily and meaningfully.

If you don’t know what a pump track is, take a look at this video:

“A pump track is a concentrated version of mountain biking.” explains Chris Baddick, professional mountain bike racer for Boulder Cycle Sport, Boulder Junior Cycling coach and MTB coach. “It has all the features you’d find on a trail in a condensed area. This allows for easy coaching opportunities in a controlled training area. One pump track can be suitable for beginners and experts alike.”

Sponsors of this project include UVEX, Avon Venture Sports, Gore Range Landscaping, and ECO Irrigation & Landscaping.

“Our parks master plan has active, vibrant community spaces, and the pump track will be a really exciting addition,” said Jeff Layman, Community Manager of EagleVail. “We’re especially proud to be working with The Cycle Effect to provide this amenity, which will be a great teaching resource for the kids involved in that program as well as our residents.”

In addition to support for individual community members, if your company would like to sponsor this pump track or is interested in sponsoring The Cycle Effect in any other way please reach out: info@thecycleeffect.org

For more information see EagleVail’s press release below.