“The Cycle Effect creates stability for me and in my life.” – Elsa, Program

These are just a few words Elsa uses to describe the benefits of The Cycle Effect program. Like many teenage girls it can be challenging to navigate the pressures and drama of school, friends and home. Elsa has always craved healthy relationships, stability and an escape from the drama, which is what she unexpectedly found through The Cycle Effect Girls Mountain Bike Program. She had never been mountain biking before and joined simply to get fit and create some healthy habits. She soon found much more, including the stability and family she had been looking for. “It’s not about being the best, but getting healthy. When I’m in the zone I can leave everything at home and dream about my future.”

“The Cycle Effect provides me with a family environment, which is supportive and self-encouraging and gives me the freedom to be myself.”

Elsa has moved many times in her young life and each move meant attending a new school. Through The Cycle Effect program, Elsa has learned that healthy relationships are consistent, dependable and supportive; they never give up on you. “The program teaches you how to get to know yourself, push yourself and get to know others and push them. It’s almost like therapy,” Elsa explains. She quickly realized just how committed her coaches were to her and that they care for her by investing their time outside of work and life to support her. Elsa now sees the possibilities of creating healthy relationships outside of the program. The coaches have impacted her in school too, “when I struggle with homework and motivation, I hear my coach telling me not to use excuses and instead use the grit I’ve learned through riding to push me to be motivated.”

“Being on a bike has not only gotten me out of the house and having aBLAST, but it’s given me the support and stability that I need. It has been a constant blessing in my life that pushed me more than anything to become stronger emotionally, mentally and physically.”

Elsa’s mom had been feeling they were at a crossroads; however, since her daughter has joined the program she has not only noticed a physical change in her daughter, but a mental shift as well. “Elsa is more independent and the program has helped regulate her moods. It was a true godsend.” The Cycle Effect has given her purpose and something to look forward to that doesn’t let her give up.

Through our program, participants learn to transfer determination and overcome obstacles from mountain biking to their everyday lives. At The Cycle Effect, we are dedicated to empowering young women through mountain biking to create brighter futures and build stronger communities. The program uses mountain biking as a vehicle to support the development and future success of participants. Our main goal is to create a path for underserved girls to graduate from high school and move into a career or college education.

100% of program graduates have gone on to college, 75% are first generation to attend college.

When asked how she would feel if she couldn’t ride anymore, Elsa said “it would be like taking away life support, taking away relationships, taking away all of the effort Ihave put in. I now crave riding my bike.” Elsa is excited for her future and pursuing her dreams of playing in an orchestra or making it to Broadway, and she is confident that she will continue to ride a bike no matter what her future holds.

“I found a family in The Cycle Effect and when I finish a ride I feel ecstatic and accomplished, I never want that feeling to go away.”

Friends like you make it possible for our participants to be inspired and empowered through our program. We hope you will consider making a gift that will help change the lives of more young women in 2019.

Your support can give a girl like Elsa a brighter future today!